Route 66 is likely the most famous highway in the world. It was featured in Steinbeck’s “Grapes of Wrath,” Nat King Cole’s rendition of “Route 66”, a short-lived television show of the same name, numerous movies, such as "Easy Rider" and more recently Disney’s production of “Cars.”

Even today, nearly fifty years after it was decommissioned, thousands of visitors worldwide will drive, ride motorcycles, and bicycle the historic highway to relive its romantic past and bypass the convenience of I-55 and I-40. The Facebook Group, Historic Route 66 has over 261K members and dozens of daily posts from people planning, doing, or completing their journeys on "The Mother Road."

After gsmX2 created a Lincoln Highway Adventure Lab in the “middle of nowhere” Nevada, he headed home thinking, “Someone should do this for Route 66,” which soon became, “I should do this for Route 66.” He asked GearGuru at GCHQ two questions, “Has anyone contacted you regarding Route 66?” and “Would GCHQ be interested in assisting with the creation of an Adventure Lab series along route 66. I'm "asking for a friend.” “No" and "Yes” were the answers.

gsmX2 designated eight State Coordinators who divided each state and recruited “reliable and task-oriented” geocachers to create Adventure Labs. Within four months, 88 geocachers created 94 Adventures with 852 locations. Today there are 844 unique locations in the Route 66 Adventure Lab series.

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